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Have a legal question?

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What is MyBlueYogi?

The Problem for Consumers

  • Consumers don't have an easy way to evaluate whether their grievances can benefit from legal help including sending legal notices or instituting legal proceedings.
  • Even if Consumers know that their grievances can be addressed by an attorney, they don't have a trusted attorney or law firm who can give them a legal opinion on what is possible
  • There is no online method currently to use a trusted law firm that can be used to send notices, institute suits and recover damages

The Solution

MyBlueYogi.com aims to offer a one stop resource for:

  • Advice to consumers by a legal professional who will evaluate a Consumer's claim and advice on how to pursue the matter
  • Issuing legal notices for basic grievances using trusted and powerful law firms
  • Instituting suits for recovery of damages

Most Common Grievances

  • Lost Baggage on a Flight
  • Termination of Employment
  • Tenant issues including late rents and evictions
  • Billing or Disputes with Municipal Departments
  • Disputes/Issues with Builders/Real Estate Companies/Brokers
  • Property disputes among family members / third parties
  • Legal matters for NRIs / PIO / OCI or Indian nationals settled abroad
  • Matrimonial Disputes

MyBlueYogi is advised by Rajinder Narain & Co.
One of The Oldest Solicitor, Advocate and Law Firms in Delhi; Since 1954.

Areas of Expertise

criminal law
Criminal Law
divorce law
Divorce Law
industrial law
Industrial Law
corporate law
Corporate Law
financial law
Financial Law
accidantal law
Accident Law


A major airline lost my bags, MyBlueYogi solved my issue by issuing a notice and filing a PIL for me, and the Airline reimbursed Rs 90,000 to me

New Delhi

I was injured in a car accident and MyBlueYogi helped be receiver damages from the person at fault. I will definitely use them again for my legal issues!